With the season only just getting started, things aren't looking great for the 49ers. The team's underwhelming performance in their first two games combined with their disaster of a 2016-17 season is affecting ticket prices, with some end zone and corner level seats at Levi's Stadium for tonight's Thursday Night Football game going for as little as $17. As ABC 7 points out, this is a full-on $23 less than the price of pre-paid parking at Levi's Stadium, which sits at a tidy $40. Even if you're traveling on Caltrain from anywhere within the city, you're looking at dropping more on fare ($9.75 x 2 = $19.50, $1.10 cheaper if you use Clipper) than you are on getting in to see the game.

What's more, if you end up footing that $40 for the parking (again — why would you?), then you, my dear friend, are also looking at a pretty tough drive to the game. Kickoff is at 5:25 p.m., right smack dab in the middle of rush hour. If you're coming from points north, then you're dealing with the third worst commute/rush hour, which the MTC called an "afternoon slog" in their report on the worst commutes in the Bay Area. NBC Bay Area reports that police have advised fans to not park in the surrounding area if they drive in, as well.

According to the Chronicle, VTA is going to be impacted as well, with the transit agency expecting some 6,500 fans to come through their turnstiles and doors this evening. Linh Hoang, VTA spokesperson, said, "We’re advising everyone to plan ahead and expect additional crowds. We’re confident we will be able to handle the number of riders that show up."

So, you know. If you're going to the game tonight, you probably should've headed out, oh, I don't know... two hours ago? Something like that.

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