San Franciscans still recovering from last weekend's deadly heat wave were sweltering again Sunday, but meteorologists say that relief is on the way.

According to a tweet by the National Weather Service published at 1:18 Sunday, some parts of San Francisco were as warm as 82 degrees, "while closer to Ocean Beach it is in the upper 60s to the lower 70s." As a person who lives and works very near Ocean Beach, I'm not so sure about that — maybe it was in the upper 60s in the actual Pacific Ocean? — but OK, whatever. By 4 p.m., SF Gate reports as part of an interesting article on why your weather app is likely wrong that the NWS says "it was 69 degrees near Crissy Field, 75 in the Richmond, and 84 degrees in Dolores Heights."

And, yeah, on that weather app thing: According to SF Gate, apps like Mr. Chilly, a screenshot from which showing a 55-degree temperature difference across SF's microclimates was widely shared on Sunday, are not to be believed.

Come on. A 55 degree difference in the same city cannot be possible. from sanfrancisco

According to Mr. Chilly, it was 109 in Noe Valley Sunday, and 54 in the Presidio. However, Jan Null, a meteorologist for Golden Gate Weather Services, tells the Gate that many of those apps pull data from "weather stations [that] are in people's backyards."

"Some may have good backyard setups not in direct sunlight," Null said. "Often times people compromise and the gauge is mounted on the south facing side of their condo. So while the actual air temp is 82, the gauge reading is 92."

Better to trust microclimate information from the National Weather Service, the Gate advises, saying that while they have "fewer observation stations, the ones they do have are vetted by meteorologists."

And speaking of meteorologists, those folks say that regardless of yesterday's temps, that warm weather won't stick around. NBC Bay Area reports that "The latest round of heat is expected to dissipate by the start of the workweek."

But just because it's cooling off doesn't mean that the weather doesn't have a few surprises left for us. According to NBC, the South Bay should brace for possible thunder and rain today and tomorrow, with things clearing up by Wednesday.

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