It's the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone this year, and thus it's been rumored for months that Apple would be revealing some fantastic new iteration of the smartphone with their annual September announcement. But today we learn with a fair degree of certainty that it's not just the iPhone 8 that will be announced, there's also an iPhone X that is rumored be the new higher end model with an OLED display and bezel-less face — and "X" would be appropriate, Roman numeral-wise, as a 10th anniversary edition.

The news of the names, including, also, the iPhone 8 Plus, comes via iOS developer Steven Troughton-Smith, who found the names in a firmware update ahead of Tuesday's official announcement, as 9to5Mac reports, and there's still a possibility that "iPhone X" is not the final name, though this appears to be a strong indicator.

As The Verge notes, this means the non-OLED next-gen devices will be called iPhone 8, rather than sticking with the traditional model of going to "iPhone 7S" — and it looks like the rumored $1,000 price is probably attached to the iPhone X.

Also there have been rumors that delivery of the new model could be delayed due to a shortage of OLEDs.

Another rumor this week is that facial recognition will be replacing touch ID on the new phones, and a leak of the "golden master" or GM of iOS 11 contains some eye-catching new wallpapers, as the nerds at 9to5Mac show us in the video below.

Also: Animoji. What are Animoji, you ask? They're 3D animated emoji that you will, reportedly, be able to customized based on facial expressions you make in your own selfie camera.

via 9to5Mac

At Tuesday's press event we'll learn all about the above (presumably) and more, as well as something about a cellular-enabled Apple Watch.

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