An angry woman remains on the loose today, after police say the late-night Muni passenger accompanied by a small child attacked a driver while riding a bus last week.

The Chron reports that the incident happened just after midnight last Thursday, on the 29-Sunset bus.

The tale begins with a surprising act of kindness. According to the Chron, the driver had just pulled away from the stop at Mansell and Hamilton Streets "when she saw a woman chasing the bus with her young child."

Taking pity on the woman's plight, the driver stopped the bus in the traffic lane to allow the woman and child to board. As she did so, she "urged them to hurry because the bus was blocking the lane," the Chron reports.

This apparently angered the passenger, who "spit on the driver and hit her in the eye" as the driver resumed her route. The assault forced the bus driver to stop the vehicle in its tracks, at which point "the woman fled with her child in tow."

Additional details on the suspect and her child were not available, but police say that the woman remains at large, and that no arrests have been made in the case.