The incredibly popular, somewhat-pricey-for-what-amounts-to-a-few-Instagram-opps experience known as The Color Factory will remain open a bit longer on Sutter Street for all your Instagram needs — because it's required that all would-be influencers have an oversaturated shot of themselves in that (::cough::potentially germ-ridden::) sea of plastic yellow balls.

Think of it as a consolation prize for those who failed to get first-round tickets to the Museum of Ice Cream and therefore won't be the first in their Insta circle to have a shot of themselves swimming in the sprinkle pool.

As 7x7 alerts us, the Color Factory crew has teased out the next release of tickets — or, rather, they're building anticipation by saying that on Tuesday, September 12, they'll "announce a new sale date for tickets via email and social media." So if you don't already follow them on Instagram and Facebook, and you're intrigued and have $32 burning a hole in your debit account, now is the time. You can also sign up for email an alert here.

The Color Factory sure seems to have taken a page out of the Museum of Ice Cream playbook — that Instagrammable temporary "installation" began with a brief, totally sold out New York edition, and the LA version has already been extended twice, despite it costing $29 and only barely being about ice cream.

There are over 200,000 yellow balls in our epic ball pit. 💛 (photo by @4theloveoftoys) #colorfactoryco

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The Color Factory - 575 Sutter Street