A 36-year-old Napa woman was arrested Friday on suspicion of trafficking heroin and methadone, and using false identification. While the suspect, Delicia Gomez, was being booked at the Napa County Department of Corrections, detectives additionally found she was carrying three baggies of heroin.

Oh, and did we mention — Delicia Gomez is an elementary school teacher at a Vallejo private religious school. Want to get away?

KRON 4 reports that Napa police had suspected Gomez of dealing heroin, and served a search warrant at her apartment on August 10. They found methadone and a California ID belonging to someone else, but no heroin. The investigation continued and apparently uncovered additional evidence, at which point Gomez was arrested Friday. While booking Gomez, police found three more bags of what they suspect is heroin on her.

KRON 4 also had the nerve to go banging on Gomez's front door with cameras on, as seen in the video above. A supposed roommate of hers answered the front door, and quickly slammed it with a ‘No comment.’ Property managers at the apartment told KRON 4 that the roommate was not living there legally.

Residents of Marina Drive, where Gomez lives, were naturally pretty shocked. “It’s a very safe neighborhood here,” neighbor Laura Bacharach told KRON 4. “We have children running around everywhere. That fact that she works with children, and she was doing this right in our front yard is a little bit scary.

Police are declining to name the elementary school at which Gomez teaches.

The Napa District Attorney is expected to charge Gomez with possession of a controlled substance for sale, and bringing a controlled substance into a correctional facility. She’s currently in jail, with bail set at $53,000.

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