The thirst is apparently very real for Instagram opportunities that cost $38 — and come with, like, one free scoop of ice cream — because tickets for the initial run of the Museum of Ice Cream, which I was just telling you about earlier this week, are already sold out. As Eater reports, following a pre-sale Thursday for American Express Platinum cardholders, all available tickets were gobbled up in less than an hour and a half hour this morning after the public sale began at 9 a.m.*

Millennials just gobbled those things up like so many sprinkles.

The limited timeframe and ticket releases appears to be part of a strategy — an initial installation of the Museum of Ice Cream in Los Angeles has been extended twice, remains sold out, and is now running through October.

Also, in each successive city where this sort-of-art installation about ice cream has appeared, it's gotten more expensive. Version 1.0 in New York last summer had tickets costing $18. The LA "museum" costs $29 to get into. And now we're up to $38, because, of course, San Francisco has to be the most expensive — and the people behind MOIC saw that San Franciscans were more than willing to spend about that much to get into the similar Color Factory installation this summer.

So, there you have it. If you are still dying to see this thing and didn't get your ticket, stay tuned for their next ticket release announcement on Insta.

The Museum of Ice Cream opens on September 17.

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*This post has been corrected to say tickets sold out in less than 90 minutes, rather than less than 30 minutes, as Eater later confirmed with the team, though they say there were already 50,000 people in digital queue before sales even started, and that represented a sell-out already.