While a lot of Bay Area residents and San Franciscans especially are angry about a planned rally of alt-right activists and Trump supporters coming to this town for the first time during this presidency, the mayor and many others are hoping this becomes a historic occasion for SF to show its defiance in creative and peaceful ways — a number of which are already planned.

While it is easy to assume that this rally will attract a similar element of far-right extremists — like this guy, and this guy — of the sort who attended similar events in Berkeley this past spring, it remains to be seen who will actually show up, and how many — not to mention for those who don't feel like crossing a bridge, they'll have their chance to face off with the antifa on Sunday in Berkeley.

I've already expressed my opinion on the topic of whether counter-protesters ought to show up to Crissy Field, potentially giving the Patriot Prayer event more credence than its worth, as well as a photo opportunity of physical confrontations with the backdrop of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Below, SFist brings you the various counter-demonstrations planned on Saturday both at Crissy Field, and far away from it. Choose wisely.

Also don't go trying to vandalize any cars around the Crissy Field parking lot: It sounds as though the rally attendees may be getting bussed in from Marin and/or elsewhere.


Adopt-a-Nazi (Not Really)
This fundraising effort launched by Jewish Bar Association of San Francisco board member Cody Harris is inspired by a 2014 campaign launched in the small German town of Wunsiedel, where residents decided to combat an annual neo-Nazi march through town by donating money to an anti-extremist group for every marcher.

No Hate SF

Also inspired by the people of Wunsiedel, this campaign by longtime local activist Cleve Jones, who says "I invite all who are disgusted by these so-called 'alt-right' fanatics to donate as generously as possible to this campaign. Let’s transform their evil energy into money that will be used to defend the communities they seek to attack."


Peace, Love,
& Understanding
- Civic Center
This noon-to-5 p.m. event, being organized in part by concert promoter and former Entertainment Commissioner Audrey Joseph and hosted by multiple interfaith groups, will likely be a very large rally and party. Confirmed speakers and performers include Kate Kendall, Michael Franti, Marga Gomez, Brothers Comatose, DJ Brian Kent, BeBe Sweetbriar, Momma's Boyz, and MC Ron Owens from KGO radio. 5,400 currently say they're "interested" on Facebook.

Come Together - Castro
This noon-to-2 p.m. rally with multiple LGBTQ speakers with the tagline "Celebrate love and say no to hate," presented in partnership with Women's March San Francisco, will culminate in a march to Civic Center to join the gathering there.

Loved Up Mobile Dance Rally - Dolores Park
This 1 p.m. gathering with 1,600 saying they're attending begins in Dolores Park and will move toward Civic Center. Speaking about the Patriot Prayer rally, the invite says, "They've been planning for weeks and in one 2 days we had 3 times the people. We're not going to ignore them; we're going to do something better. Bigger. Inclusive and supporting."

Human Heart-Shaped Banner - Ocean Beach
Like the human banner at Ocean Beach in February saying "RESIST!", San Franciscans will gather again to make a huge human heart. Gathering starts at 2 p.m., helicopter arrives at 3:30 p.m. to photograph it.


Calling All Clowns - Fascism is No Laughing Matter

Inspired by the townspeople of Fayetteville, Arkansas, who in order to counter-protest a Ku Klux Klan rally in their town in the 1990s all dressed up in clown wigs and makeup, in an attempt to humiliate them, a group of San Francisco clowns (78 say they're going so far) will attempt to creatively mock the proceedings of the rally. "We have no leader here but we encourage you to join with your biting wit, your absurdity, your balloons, your signs, your red noses, wigs, and other clowning accoutrements."

Dog Poop Protest
Almost 900 people have said they'll be bringing their dogs by Crissy Field and leaving their poop there between Friday and Saturday morning. (Note the Patriot Prayer rally indicated they'd be on the beach part!) The organizer is suggesting they return to clean up Saturday night or Sunday.

RESIST Counter Protest
This event is the only direct counter-protest planned, and organizers say, "We are not advocating violence or physical conflicts. We are advocating participants -- young, old, brave, bold -- show up in force, create signs and disrupt the agenda of the unwelcomed hate groups."

Flowers Against Hate
A group (currently only 40 confirmed) is saying they're going to hit Crissy Field with armfuls of cut flowers to distribute. "As white supremacists and neo-Nazis gather in our midst, we'll tune into the love frequency again and meet their hatred with flowers for their hair. ...Flower crowns strongly encouraged!! Bring your instruments and sing along! Summertime will be a love-in there..."

Bay Resistance Brigade Paddle-Out
Though they won't actually come face to face with rally attendees, a group of kayakers, boaters, paddle-boarders, surfers and others will be floating nearby and showing up with signs.

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