Some new Recology recycling guidelines that have been outlined here by but have not yet appeared on the Recology website, give us a whole bunch of new things to remember when it comes to what goes in what bin.

In the good news column, for those who enjoy sending less to landfills, Recology will now accept plastic bags of almost all types (preferably bundled together inside another plastic bag), bubble wrap (also stuffed into a plastic bag), plastic wrap (same), plastic over-wrap like from a tray of water bottles (same), inflatable air pillows used in packing (deflated, stuffed into a plastic bag), juice boxes, empty paper milk cartons, and paper coffee cups along with their lids. (Just to confused things, milk cartons without plastic spouts, and all waxy cardboard, are technically still compostable, but they want them recycled now.)

Also for the blue bin: bottle caps, spray cans, clean pizza boxes (greasy ones go to compost), empty and dry paint cans with no wet paint, and fabric and clothing of all kinds — it just has to be clean, and placed in a clear bag.

Black bins, headed to landfill, still get all polystyrene packaging and packing "peanuts," broken glass and ceramics, diapers, light bulbs (incandescent only, not fluorescent), pet litter, shiny wrappers, disposable gloves, disposable razors, and "mixed material" bags and packaging like the bags that roasted coffee comes in.

You can download and print the new August 2017 guidelines for your whole building right here, and you can now be that San Franciscan who lords over your neighbors and says, "Uh uh uh — the recycling rules have changed. That goes in this bin."

I know some of you secretly enjoy that.