Some 24th Street denizens were freaking out last week when they saw that the new tenants of the former Pig & Pie / Discolandia space at 2964 24th Street were painting over the beloved Discolandia sign with white paint. But, as Mission Local explains, there's nothing to fear.

Even though it may seem weird to preserve the sign of a record shop that is long gone, the neighbors in the part of the Mission are not going to let this bit of neighborhood history go. And thus the new owners of Top Round Roast Beef, a sandwich shop heading into the space in the coming weeks or months, are going to respect the 'hood's wishes, and not only keep the sign but also restore it to its original colors: orange, black, and white.

Workers were seen whitewashing the letters of the sign last week, causing an uproar and leading to the intervention of local group Calle 24. And group council member John Jacobo tells Mission Local that the original colors will return.

Top Round Roast Beef is a Los Angeles restaurant specializing in old-timey, never-frozen, slow-roasted, whole-cut roast beef sandwiches. The signature Beef and Cheese sandwich features homemade Cheese "Wizz," and they fry their curly fries in 100 percent beef fat. (They've also got some delicious looking, poutine-like "dirty fries" with gravy, caramelized onions, and Provel cheese. It appears they've just begun franchising, and this might be only the second ever location of the chain — thus skirting around formula retail issues.

Two years ago the company, founded by Anthony Carron (800 Degrees Pizzeria), Steven Fretz, Noah Ellis, and Jamie Tiampo, announced plans to begin franchising in Northern California out of San Jose, under franchisee Ricardo Lopez, but it looks like that didn't end up happening yet.

We'll update you when an opening date for the 24th Street location comes into focus, but it may be soon.