A high-profile case that was initially reported as a kidnapping from a San Francisco park is reportedly more complicated than it first appeared, as the father in the case has now been arrested.

As previously reported, the San Francisco Police Department on Sunday announced that earlier that day, an infant less that one year in age was abducted from a car parked near SoMa's Victoria Manalo Draves Park.

In an email sent to media Sunday, San Francisco Police Department spokesperson Officer Robert Rueca said that early Sunday, the "infant female was removed from [her] father's parked vehicle" as her father was preparing "a bottle to feed her a short distance from the vehicle."

“A couple here at the park decided to get some water for the baby formula and left the baby in the car seat,” area Supervisor Jane Kim said at the time.

After a city-wide bulletin was issued, the baby and her alleged abductor were found on a Muni bus near the intersection of Bayshore Boulevard and Arleta Avenue, where the woman carrying the child was detained by police, and the child was reunited with her mother and father.

However, things are apparently less cut and dried than we all first believed, as ABC 7 reported Tuesday evening that:

The baby's father was also arrested on child endangerment shortly after the woman was arrested on the bus for kidnapping. According to that source, the baby's father picked up the female suspect on 6th street then drove with her to a park.

He got out of the car leaving the female suspect with the baby. When he didn't come back she took the baby and got on a muni bus. When he got back to the car and the baby was gone he called police.

The Chron confirms the father's arrest, and says that the woman who allegedly took the baby "will not face charges." Though arrested, the father will also not be charged, a spokesperson with the San Francisco District Attorney's Office said. The spokesperson declined to provide further details on the case.

The woman, who has yet to be publicly identified by officials, is on probation for a Contra Costa County felony, the Chron reports. According to ABC 7, the DA's office is working with Contra County officials to place a probation hold on the woman, who they say remained in custody as of Tuesday evening.

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