Seattle-based software company used its tons of data to look at wage growth in the 31 fastest growing cities in these United States of America.

Bearing in mind that the average wage growth among cities was 2.4%, Forbes reports, "Among the cities with the fastest growing wages, San Francisco tops them all. The City by the Bay saw its average salary grow by 3.8% between Q2 2016 and 2017. Right behind San Francisco are three cities tied for second place: Austin, Denver and San Diego, all of which saw their average salaries grow by about 3.5%."

You can use the (sexy title alert) PayScale Index Trends In Compensation to search wage growth by city, by industry, by company size, and by job category. For example, wage grown in media and publishing is up 0.5% since last quarter. (OKAY SURE.)

Don't get too excited. Economics is boring complicated. PayScale's Real Wage Index shows that when accounting for inflation, Americans make 7.5% LESS than we did in 2006. As PayScale bluntly states, "...the income for a typical worker today buys them less than it did in 2006."

"Wages continue to experience modest growth with variability across industries, job families and metro areas. While the positive wage growth appears to be sustaining, real wages are again 7.5 percent lower than they were in 2006, so the price of goods is growing faster than most employees' wages," explained Katie Bardaro, PayScale's vice president of data analytics and lead economist.

Detroit saw a dip of -0.7%, which could be why Kid Rock is considering a run for United States Senate there. Those thinking about a career change might want to look into real estate. That industry saw the highest jump in wages last quarter with an increase in 1.4%.

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