While President Trump shows no signs of weaning himself off his near daily Twitter habit, six months into office, a new poll shows that a majority of Americans find his tweets inappropriate, insulting, and even dangerous. Of course a majority of Americans also didn't vote for him, so there's that.

The new ABC News/Washington Post poll finds that 68 percent of respondents find his Twitter use inappropriate, 65 percent find his tweets insulting, and 52 percent think his tweets could even be dangerous. Overall, 70 percent of the country finds the president's behavior "unpresidential," and that includes four out of 10 Republicans polled as well.

As CNet notes, there are still 41 percent of people polled who find his tweets "interesting," and 21 percent who find them "refreshing."

The president's approval rating is currently at 36 percent, a record low for a president in his first six months in office.

Twitter, the company, attributes their bump in overall users — jumping to 328 million as of the first quarter of this year — to the political relevance that Trump has brought to the platform. CEO Jack Dorsey in December called the Trump era "an important time for the company and service," and said, "Having [Trump] on our service, using it as a direct line of communication, allows everyone to see what’s on his mind in the moment. I think that’s interesting. I think it’s fascinating."

This morning, the president took to Twitter to explain in his own words why the health care bill failed.

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