We've had a wealth of whale sightings in and around the Bay this spring and summer, which has included near-misses between humpbacks and boats and at least one kiteboarder collision. And the big guys are still around, as evidenced by the photos you can see above — with more here at NBC Bay Area — shot recently from Baker Beach by Bay Area resident Greg Shovlin. He says the whale you see there breached about 10 times, putting on a grand show for that small boat that DEFINITELY should not have been so close.

Humpbacks used to be rarities in the Bay and this close to the Golden Gate, but the last two years have shown some whales — likely the same ones over repeated years on their migration route north to Alaska — coming in close and even entering the Bay because they've likely discovered a plentiful feast of anchovies that get swept into the Bay on the tides.

Humpback sightings here and around Monterey Bay have been ongoing, pretty much weekly, since early May.

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