UPDATE 2 downtown San Francisco! if you see me in the bottom right red circle you can imagine what it feels like to have these golden plants towering over me as I work. huge shout out to Montana Colors and The Hotel Alise, I'm so thankful to be here. I think what made it for me: yesterday I saw a homeless person shouting to his friends "guys come here it's that BLIP guy!! BLIP is back! HI BLIP!!!" and then they were waving. and he was doing some kind of celebration dance and...I just felt great. that's the kind of art I want to make. you can call me Blip I don't even mind😂 I just love you guys and I'm thankful to work to create these types of surreal scenes for the people🙏long live the Bay, long live SF #montanacolors #thehotelalise #staypineapplehospitality #staypineapple

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You know that rad five-story mural that went up near Fourth and Mission in February by anonymous muralist Believe In People (BiP)? Well he's been hanging around the Bay Area quite a bit, and he's just completed another monumental piece on the side of a wall next to the club Jones, on the building at Geary and Jones that houses the Hotel Alise — whose Pineapple Hospitality group sponsored the mural.

It's the third mural he's done in San Francisco, including this one near Civic Center at Larkin and Eddy completed in March 2015, and the fourth overall in the Bay Area.

Amusingly, BiP was working on outlining the mural during Juanita More!'s Pride party two weeks ago, and posted this video as he poked out from behind a tarp just as the party was starting. Those in attendance might recall the mostly blank wall facing the patio that day.

being in SF for Pride yesssss🌈👨🏽‍🎤 resized the mural about 5 times and finally nailed it, I had to get it just right so it fits between the nearby buildings visually🏄🏽 all the heavy painting is going up all day every day this week/this is the final stretch🎉huge shoutout to The Hotel Alise @staypineapple and Montana @montana_colors, beautiful room and great paint at really classy hotel🙏🙏some more big projects on the way so to my own people, thanks for staying with me, I love all you guys and have appreciated the ones who come to watch me paint🤗it's real mindblowing to have that kind of public support, I'm so thankful. and I can say to you guys in particular, this is barely the start. if you keep supporting like this, the rest is easy, we will always be able to produce real art for you.

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As Curbed notes, BiP came into the public eye in Boston about seven years back doing guerrilla-style murals, and he's chosen to remain anonymous though obviously has been open to legal, above-board, private commissions.

In March, BiP posted the sad news that the subject of his Oakland mural, Emma, which he completed in May 2016, had passed away. The mural, titled "Vintage," shows Emma in a joyous, upturned gaze holding up a record that's titled "Steel and Fire: A Decade of Thrash Metal." BiP recalls, "She was an incredible friend. you guys don't see behind the scenes but when I screwed up the color study, she had to pose her part all over again and the second time she did it even harder. she wanted a good mural even in her health, maybe that's the best way to describe what kind of soul she had to me."

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