Retired Muni worker Zigfried 'Ziggy' Stuhl will admit to being a daredevil, and at age 85 he's not done with his stunts. ABC 7 was on hand to capture him flying down California Street from Nob Hill on his rollerblades Thursday — and no, he did not fall. He had to dodge cable cars (as a Muni employee he once helped improve the braking systems on these very cars), and various vehicles and pedestrians. But he made it down in one piece, cautioning that others, even those much younger, shouldn't try this at home.

As the Church of 8 Wheels tells us, Ziggy is "one of the Sunday regulars at the Skatin’ Place in Golden Gate Park," and he also made an appearance at the Church of 8 Wheel's Saturday Roller Disco over the weekend. He apparently hails from the same hometown in Austria as former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Showing ABC 7's Wayne Friedman his technique for stopping himself in case of a fall, Stuhl says, "When I fall down, I can always manage to go down then scrape along."

Says Friedman on Twitter, "Have had stranger assignments, but not many."

Below you can watch Ziggy doing some of his usual rounds at the Skatin' Place in the park.