Jessica Faraday and Preston "I work for Adidas" Page did not receive a warm welcome from some new neighbors.

KRON 4 reports (via Portland's KOIN) that the California-based pair moved to Portland, Oregon four months ago. They woke up this Sunday to find their home and their car (really, really) vandalized.

Spray-painted across the couple's new and adorable house were the words "Get California out of Portland" and "Move back." The pair's car was also keyed and covered in spray paint.

The day before, the couple was backing out of their driveway when another driver began yelling, "Go back to California!"

Faraday and Page assume the over-the-top vandalism stems from the road-rage incident. Apparently the pair had just finished revamping and re-painting their new home. It's not clear how anyone knew the couple had moved from California, but a peek at a website for their upcoming wedding at a monastery in Mexico might offer some answers.

This incident calls to mind a guerrilla sticker campaign from two years ago when someone, or some group, was stickering Portland real estate agent signs with the message "No Californians."

In defense of Faraday and Page (and their many, many hats and tattoos), Portland is pretty hipster-heavy already. The Oregon city is no stranger to man-buns and precious selfies. It's not like two more blond people in leather jackets and Navajo rings aren't totally going to fit right in.

While surprised someone would "go this far," Faraday and Page don't plan to give in to the vandal's demands.

"Portland is fantastic. You can't argue with this place," said Page.


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