The smoke-weed-every-day city of San Francisco will soon get a marijuana gym facility and has played host to a couple of 4.20-mile stoner mini-marathons. But now Hoodline reports that a sports-themed medical cannabis dispensary is being proposed at the corner of Polk Street and Filbert Street. It would be called House of Cannabis and take over the long-dormant laundromat Wash Inn Cleaners.

We cannot call it a ‘sports bar,’ because alcohol cannot be served on the same premises as marijuana. Additionally, the sporty stoners will not be able to imbibe in the product on site. In materials submitted to neighborhood groups, House of Cannabis described itself as a “medical marijuana collective set in a modern, accessible, sleek and sports-like environment."

The aspiring pot proprietor of the place Kenneth Schleuniger says the 2464 Polk Street location is far “from the bar room activity on Polk Street with a medium-to-upper economic climate.”

Neighborhood associations are still reviewing the proposal, and then it would have to go back and forth between the Planning Commission and the Department of Public Health before the jock-pot shop could open. Once approved, Schleuniger says he could have construction done and be open in three months.

The Russian Hill neighborhood does not currently have and dispensaries, and they may be more cool with it than, say, the Outer Sunset. "We haven't taken a position yet," Russian Hill Neighbors president Emily Harrold told Hoodline. "And we may not."

"This is new to us and we will do our thorough, due diligence and speak to our membership to see if its a right fit for Polk Street."

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