Noted drone aficionado and founder of the Flying Robot International Film Festival, Eddie Codel, got to launch one of his drones off the top of SF's new tallest building, Salesforce Tower, last week. He posted the brief video above to Twitter, along with a number of photos you can see below, of the dramatic aerial perspective one gets of the city and the Bay at that height. (See also SFist's photo set from the day of the "topping off" ceremony in April.)

The tower, which won't be complete until later this year, is still missing enough of the panels over its translucent "cap" that flights like this are still possible.

Codel has taken his drone all over SF to take in scenes from on high — check out this rad video he shot of the Mission's unofficial fireworks displays on the Fourth of July in 2015.

He also reveals that the installation has already begun for that ambient light display by artist Jim Campbell that we talked about last month. The LEDs, Codel says, are "on springs!", though I'm not clear on why.

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