She might have been wrong about Diana but HRH Queen Elizabeth II was on the money when it comes to the sheer perfection of corgis.

Nor Cal Corgi Con, the bi-annual celebration of the beloved dog breed took place on Saturday between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. providing attendees an ideal blend of cool ocean breezes and hundreds of corgis.

It's unknown exactly how many corgis attended this weekends "convention," but according to the San Francisco Chronicle, upwards of 740 corgis showed up for Corgi Con last fall. So let's just all take a moment to appreciate that a lot of corgis were lounging around Ocean Beach on Saturday, competing in costume contests and dog races.

Behold the Instagram response:

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Hoodline has a pretty cute round-up of Corgi Con photos as well. Corgis have enjoyed a newfound popularity thanks to social media. In fact, according to the UK's Daily Express, corgi ownership went up 54% in 2015 thanks in large part to Instagram.

The next Ocean Beach Corgi Con will be sometime this fall. Obviously we'll keep you paw-sted on the date.

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