Actress and activist Alicia Silverstone has sent a letter on behalf of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to ask Ghirardelli Chocolate to bring back its original dairy-free recipe for semi-sweet chocolate chips.

It appears that she sent this letter on paper instead of via an environmentally friendly email. Interesting. Behold her stationary.

The Chronicle reported that the Aerosmith video actress' letter to Ghirardelli CEO Martin Thompson said, among other things, "Vegan chocolate is a powerful source of antioxidants and is chock-full of essential nutrients. It improves blood flow and reduces stress. That's why I'm urging you to switch Ghirardelli's semi-sweet chocolate chips back to their original dairy-free recipe, so health-conscious snackers and bakers alike can indulge."

Editor's note: the word "indulge" is the worst.

Ghirardelli Chocolate is owned the Swiss company Lindt & Sprüngli, but it's still headquartered in the Bay Area city of San Leandro and has a magnificent ice cream shop within the former chocolate factory of charming San Francisco tourist trap Ghirardelli Square. The chocolate company also has several dark chocolate products that are dairy free, with which Silverstone might...indulge.

It appears, via numerous outraged posts on the subject, that Ghirardelli changed its previous dairy-free semi-sweet chip recipe sometime last year to include milk.

"I'm in shock. I feel completely betrayed," said Pop Sugar's Jenny Sugar over the chip situation.

While we wait for an international corporation to bend to the wishes of Alicia Silverstone, here's her recipe for vegan chocolate peanut butter cups. You can also join Cher Horowitz by signing PETA's petition here.