Pop quiz, hot shot: Who are the biggest traffic scofflaws on the F-Market tracks near Fisherman's Wharf? Your choices:

A) Uber drivers
B) Pedicabs
C) Illegal U-turners
D) Lyft drivers

If you're KRON 4's Stanley Roberts, you'll likely say "E), all of the above," as that's what he spotted while near Pier 39 the other day.

According to Roberts, all those folks are brazen law-breakers, ignoring posted signs, easily available loading zones, and common sense to drive — and stop — whenever and wherever they feel like driving and stopping.

The list above aren't the only folks worthy of Roberts' contempt, as he also focuses his ire on folks who ignore posted rules to make illegal turns, as well as a garbage truck with a (ironically intended, I can only assume) big old Uber sticker on its windshield, which parked its big old garbage truck ass on the F's tracks to complete some trashy Wharf task.

Behold, the unmitigated traffic madness:

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