A group of teenagers at a Cupertino high school apparently circulated a "kill list" of African-American students and numerous leaders and activists are angry that the school administration did little to handle the problem.

(Wow. We've been covering a lot of racist teenager stories lately.)

KRON 4 reports that this "kill list" was circulated on social media by students from Monta Vista High School this past fall. It apparently referenced lynching and used the N-word repeatedly.

Attorney Richard Richardson filed a lawsuit against the school district on behalf of one of the students who has since left the school, reports ABC 7. Said Richardson, "They gave a specific and credible threat that they would kill her with bullets, and they talked about how many bullets it would take."

Richardson told CBS 5, "They called themselves, 'n***** kill spree masters.' They went on to say they were going to kill students. On that list were the names of 6 or 7 African-American students at the school."

"There is no discipline such as detention, such as suspension or expulsion ever considered," Richardson continued.

The school claims that they notified the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office who investigated and only recently reported its findings to the county District Attorney. The incident came to the public's attention when details were published in a student magazine.

Richardson told NBC Bay Area that the situation is ongoing. Apparently one of the students involved used a school computer as recently as April 24 to go online and post that his goal for the day was to kill black people.

The high school's website claims, "Graduates of Monta Vista High School become informed, ethical, and active citizens: knowledgeable self-directed workers; discerning participants in the arts; and lifelong learners in the pursuit of personal excellence who can adapt to the challenges of the future."

"The same thing happened at Columbine. Those kids made threats, they made bombs, people took it lightly and look what happened. Thank God that didn't happen here, but God only knows what's going out there at Monta Vista High School," activist Walter Wilson told KRON 4.

"I really thought that Cupertino was sort of a bubble and that none of that would happen here. It turns out I was wrong and all of that malicious content exists here too," student Krishna Dhulipala told CBS 5.

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