A pair of apparently unworn, custom-emblazoned, Apple-branded sneakers from the early 1990s have gone up for auction via a company called Heritage Auctions. They have simultaneously gone up on eBay, where the opening bid for them is $15,000 and the seller's estimate for what they could sell for is $24,000 to $36,000.

CNet confirms via the auction house that these are some rare and bonafide sneaks produced by Apple Inc. for their employees at the time, and they are a US men's size 9.5. And they note that these sneakers have popped up before on eBay, specifically a pair that appeared in 2007 and sold for a mere $79, but they looked a bit more worn out, this was in the pre-iPhone era, and maybe it was just a case of not enough Apple cultists finding out about the auction in time?

In any event, they're hilariously dorky looking, and if a buyer is planning to display them in a glass case in their home, that's even more hilarious.

How rad would they look paired with one of these looks from Apple's short-lived 1986 clothing line, though?

The auction starts Sunday at 11 a.m.

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