One man remains in a coma with a traumatic brain injury following a brawl outside a Fremont wedding reception hall last month, and now his family, as well as the bride whose wedding will be forever marred by the incident, is demanding that the city and its police department do more to hold those responsible for the fight accountable.

The brawl on May 6 involved upwards of 60 men and broke out in the parking lot of the Royal Palace Banquet Hall on Stevenson Boulevard in Fremont. The bride, 25-year-old Manjeet Kaur, at the time told the Mercury-News that a group of male wedding crashers, possibly tipped off by one of the guests, showed up at the reception around midnight — they "were harassing the girls, so somebody kicked them out," she said. Angry that they were kicked out, and possibly because they were already drunk, they allegedly picked physical fights with other wedding guests, some of them men over the age of 50. In the fracas, one older man, Daljit Gill, was knocked unconscious, and remains hospitalized, as KRON 4 reports.

Fremont police soon arrested 23-year-old Amritpal Singh and 25-year-old Gurpreet Singh, ultimately releasing Gurpeet and charging the younger man with felony battery. Singh allegedly told authorities that he did not remember the incident, and he had a court appearance yesterday.

In video that was posted to YouTube, suspects who may or may not have been the Singhs can be seen fleeing the scene in a white Maserati.

Dozens of people gathered outside Fremont's City Hall on Tuesday to protest the lack of action in the case. The victim's brother, Manjit Gill, as well as the bride, both spoke at Fremont's city council meeting this week, urging them to get the police department to devote more attention to this case.

As Gill tells KRON 4, "This wasn’t a regular drunken fight or fist fight. These people had their brass knuckles and metal objects, so they intend to create that fight. All those family members that were there [were] like my age, 50 and above, and tried to stop the fight, but instead, they got beaten up and [sent] to the hospital."

Gill believes more than one man deserves to be to charged, and he says, "They should be held accountable."

The investigation remains active and Fremont police tell KRON 4 that more arrests could still be pending.

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