Former FBI Director James Comey has already handed over his prepared remarks for Thursday morning's hearing with the Senate Intelligence Committee, which subsequently made them public — BuzzFeed has pulled out the 18 main revelations from the statement, and Slate is already calling it a "pulpy, literary treat." But chances are Comey's hearing will be intriguing nonetheless, with several members of the committee already saying they're hoping to get some greater detail out of Comey in person.

So, if you're a political junkie or simply have been rubbing your hands together with glee waiting for this drama to unfold, and if you don't have anywhere else to be at 7 a.m., you can grab a barstool at one of several establishments that tend to already be open at that hour, and start your drinking really early.

The Chronicle confirmed that Clooney's in the Mission, Ace's on Nob Hill, and Gino and Carlo in North Beach are all planning to have the show testimony on. As Ace's bartender Jason Bow tells the paper, "It doesn’t interest me, but somebody will be interested. Is it good for the bar business? Everything is good for the bar business. When things are good, you drink. When things are bad, you drink. That’s what alcohol’s for."

Drink up, everybody.