It's been well established that Apple exec Eddy Cue is a huge basketball fan, and with his court-side seats he even landed on the front page of the Chronicle during last year's playoffs, cheering on Steph Curry after the Warriors came back to defeat the Oklahoma City Thunder. (And here he is during the 2015 Finals at Oracle Arena in Oakland, in his Warriors gear.) But during Thursday night's Game 1 of the NBA Finals, the senior vice president of internet software and services had to contend with one over-eager Cleveland Cavaliers fan seated a little too close to him: Rihanna.

As you can see from court-side video footage from last night, a man who definitely appears to be Cue can be seen saying something impolite and pointing in the direction of Rihanna, who spent some time out of her seat cheering on LeBron James and the Cavaliers. It's unclear what he said, exactly, but some folks on Twitter have their guesses, and it probably wasn't gentlemanly.

As discussed earlier, Cue was not the only Warriors fan who wanted Rihanna to sit down and stop heckling Kevin Durant.

But this is, after all, Rihanna, and she can do what she wants.

And because of Cue's position and notoriety, some are calling for an apology:

Who you agree with may depend on whether you're a Warriors fan, a Cavs fan, or a Rihanna fan.

Eddy Cue has responded, and he seems to be denying that he was yelling at Rihanna. And says he was actually talking to Marissa Mayer?

People aren't buying it...

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