A man was rushed to the hospital Wednesday evening, after police say he was attacked by a group of five men in Dolores Park.

According to the San Francisco Police Department, the attack occurred at around 5:23 p.m., when five men aged 17-20 stabbed the 23-year-old victim, then apparently fled.

A witness named Mark who spoke with Mission Local says that "a group of five or six youths chased the victim across the park and then attacked him with a golf club and a glass bottle."

The incident began when the group men ran from the northwest part of the park chasing another young man across the center walkway. They managed to tackle him in the middle of the southeast quadrant, the witnesses said.

“A bunch of kids ran across Dolores Park and beat the crap out of some kid,” said Mark. “We were sitting just north of 19th and they ran across and got this guy down and started beating him with a bottle and a golf club. People around sort of chased the guys off.”

Mark said that he first thought it was just kids playing around. When he saw the golf club, he knew it was serious. He and others started screaming at the attackers and they fled, and called the police. Cori, a local resident and EMT, attended to the victim.

CBS 5 reports that the victim suffered "multiple stab wounds" in the onslaught.

Police say that the victim was transported to San Francisco General Hospital for treatment of life-threatening injuries. According to the SFPD, the suspects remain at large, and no arrests have been made in this case.