Former teen heart-throb and accused domestic abuser Johnny Depp is set to star in King of the Jungle, an upcoming film about tech entrepreneur turned cocaine/maybe other things addict turned international fugitive John McAfee. According the Hollywood Reporter, it's a dark comedy that will be directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa with a script by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski.

As CNet notes, the movie is based on a 2012 Wired article called "McAfee's Last Stand" about journalist Joshua Davis's experience chronicling John McAfee's journey to becoming a fugitive and accused meth manufacturer in Belize — something we also covered on SFist at the time right after McAfee started blogging insanely about being on the lam.

McAfee, whose name you might remember from 90s-era antivirus software, disappeared from the tech world as a multi-millionaire before popping up in the investigation of the murder of his neighbor in Belize in 2012. He now does things like post videos of himself explaining how to uninstall his famous software while lighting $100 bills on fire with Hello Kitty lighters. His website lists his girlfriends and their ages (he likes 'em young). It also says he never killed his neighbor in Belize.

This is actually sounding kinda perf for Johnny Depp.

Last summer found McAfee returning to his old stomping grounds for a tech conference in SF, bringing along a couple of handguns for safety.

Yesterday found him him tweeting about the Depp casting, which he's obviously pleased with, and today he was posting about his "masterwork come to life," a website for a planned, unpermitted event in DC this August that is called Woodstock to Washington.

No exact date has been set, and this seems to be some sort of fever-dream creation of McAfee's about which he commissioned a website and that's about it, but the description goes like this:

Make your way to Washington D.C. and do publicly and in the streets whatever you wish, so long as no one is hurt. The results will be staggering. Our goal is for 500,000 people to participate, a number that would be impossible to shut down with arrests. 500,000 people going naked, smoking weed, playing bagpipes, operating unlicenced food carts, or whatever else suits their fancy cannot fail to make the necessary impression.

McAfee declares, "Freedom in America is dying," and the grandly stated goal of the event is to "make history and to change history, with a spectacle of real freedom for which there is no precedent."

If you're thinking what I'm thinking, this is going to end up being a lot less Woodstock '69 and a lot more Berkeley '17, with "freedom" taking on a more militant and libertarian bent that involves helmets, Trump signs, anarchists, and tear gas.

But hey, if McAfee thinks it'll be a glorious day of bagpipes and naked hippies, then let it be so! Let's just hope he doesn't bring his guns.

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