Brace yourselves, cat people.

A kitten was discovered clinging to the underside of a California Highway Patrol car as officers responded to the scene of an accident on I-880 Sunday morning. The officers kept hearing a cat "meowing" but couldn't figure out where the sound was coming from. Suddenly, and I'm paraphrasing here, everyone realized OMG there's a kitten hiding under the patrol car and it's been there since we left the station!

In a social media post titled, "A Mother's Day Surprise," the CHP explained, "While at a collision scene early this morning, officers kept hearing a cat meowing but couldn't locate the kitten. Eventually, they discovered the cat underneath their patrol car and discovered that this feisty feline had been hitching a ride since they left the office for over an hour! The poor kitten was terrified after hanging on while the officers responded 'code-3' with their lights and sirens to calls, and was more than willing to let the officers pick her up and give her some food and water."

The kitten is believed to be one of the feral cats that live around the unit's parking lot. A tow-truck driver who assisted in Sunday's collision asked to adopt the kitten, who's since been named 'Chip' by Oakland CHP officers.

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