Over Proof, the new upstairs bar-within-a-bar at ABV (3174 16th Street) that features a themed, prix fixe tasting menu of cocktails with paired snacks, just got finished with its opening theme, which was dubbed Flip Flop.

For its first menu, the team — which includes local bar vets Ryan Fitzgerald (Beretta), Todd Smith (Bourbon & Branch, Dalva Hideout) and Erik Reichborn-Kjennerd (Dalva) and barman Eric Ochoa — focused on rum, and its cousin rhum agricole, and the decor of the small mezzanine space was decked out in Tiki finery to accompany the theme.

As of May 3, the place reopened with Theme #2, which is whiskey-focused and dubbed Double Back. In the time-lapse video above, using a GoPro camera set up in the space throughout the transition, you can watch the breakdown of the Tiki stuff and the quick remodel that took place over several days. The result is what they describe as a "samurai-meets-spaghetti western-style vibe that feels like you’ve stumbled into an American whiskey bar in Tokyo," clearly trying to make some visual references that anticipate the use of both American and Japanese whiskeys. The new look for Double Back includes dark red walls adorned with cowhides, shotguns, samurai swords, taxidermy, wainscoting, a tin ceiling, and swinging saloon doors.

Guest can expect four courses, each with a drink and a snack, for $60, not including taxes or gratuity.

Over Proof is now taking reservations, Wednesday to Saturday, through July 28, when Double Back will shut down and make way for the third themed concept that is still TBD. That one, whatever it is, will open on August 9.