An alleged carpool lane scofflaw didn't just get smacked with a hefty fine this week, they also got a little bit of social media shaming for their alleged lack of attention to detail.

According to the above tweet from the Oakland division of the California Highway Patrol, a driver was attempting to fraudulently use an East Bay freeway carpool lane by placing a doll in a child safety seat. But even worse, they failed to properly buckle the doll in, prompting police to hashtag the offense with the sneering "#AttentionToDetail."

On East Bay freeways, there must be three passengers in the vehicle. As it appears there's an actual human in the back seat, it's assumed that the front passenger seat was vacant, hence the charade and subsequent violation.

Tickets for carpool violations can be as high as $500, the CHP says.

When questioned on the validity of the photo, someone behind the CHP Oakland Twitter account responded that the photographed event "Sure did!" happen, and that "We've seen this before, but the fake child is new, it's usually a full size mannequin."

Oh, you mean like this one?

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