It seemed that every drop of humor had already been wrung from Juicero, the unreasonably expensive, bafflingly wifi-enabled juicer that's quickly come to signify Silicon Valley hubris.


See this tweet — sleuthed from the annals of Twitter from a year ago — in which the president's daughter lent the product her approval.

The tweet answers the burning question surrounding Juicero in the last few weeks. That's been: Who in god's name is both rich AND dumb enough to pay $400 for this thing — marked down from $700 — when as Bloomberg discovered in an "emperor has no clothes" test this month, Juicero's pouches of fruits and vegetables can just as easily be squeezed by hand for the same result. The device — already unnecessary in the sense that you can just eat fruits and vegetables if you have teeth and a jaw — was doubly unnecessary, Bloomberg's report suggested.

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