It's that time of year again, and as the snow is finally melting around Lake Tahoe, bears are waking up, showing up scavenging, and they're hungry. Video posted to Facebook by South Lake Tahoe Fire Rescue and picked up by KCRA shows three bears, what looks like a mother and two cubs, emerging from an open garage. Firemen were called to the scene by the homeowner to help scare off the bears, and as you can see they notice the fireman shooting the video as he's approaching, and the mother bear starts to charge toward him before he yells "Get outta there!" in a loud voice and seems to scare her off.

She turns and runs and the cubs follow.

SLTFR warns Tahoe residents, "It is the time of year where the bears are waking up looking for food. Please keep your structures closed up and garbage can secure. Be careful with bears, they are very fast."

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