It appears that a decision Wednesday to cancel or postpone a planned appearance by Ann Coulter at UC Berkeley has been reversed, though an agreement seems to have been reached to put it off from Thursday, April 27 to Tuesday, May 2.

The neo-con-turned-alt-right pundit talked a big game on Twitter Wednesday about defying the university's decision to cancel a planned speaking event that was on the calendar for next Thursday, April 27, and claimed that reports of the cancellation were "fake news." Later in the day, as the Daily Californian reported, administrators were trying to push the Berkeley College Republicans (BCR) to postpone the event until September.

Vice Chancellors Scott Biddy and Stephen Sutton told the student paper that they had to learn of the Coulter event "through the newspapers," and they say they need at least four weeks notice in order to secure a proper venue and plan for security needs. BCR and another group, BridgeUSA, invited Coulter to speak in late March.

On Thursday, though, Berkeleyside reported that the university, clearly under public pressure, had reversed its decision and would allow the Coulter event to forward on May 2, buying a little extra time to prepare. Coulter appears to have agreed to the new time and day, via Twitter, though BridgeUSA is still saying that's uncertain. The university mandated that the event take place from 1 to 3 pm and insisted there was no flexibility on the date. Says Chancellor Nicholas Dirks in a statement, "As the home of the Free Speech Movement, we fully support the right and ability of our students to host speakers of their choice, and we believe that exposing students to a diverse array of perspectives is an inherent and inseparable part of our educational mission.”

Coulter insisted to the Hollywood Reporter yesterday that she would get her way and the event would go forward, saying that it's ridiculous that she'd be banned when "corrupt banana republic leaders like [Mexican President] Vicente Fox have the red carpet rolled out for them on the taxpayer's dime," referring to a speaking engagement Fox had on campus this week.

And though an arrest warrant for him from Berkeley police could could still be pending, white supremacist/separatist Nathan Damigo says he'll come back to Berkeley to support Ann Coulter. He may want to make sure that he doesn't get added to the list the Berkeley Police Department has of suspects wanted in connection to the mayhem of last Saturday, after that video went viral of him appearing to punch a woman in the face.

Bay Area leftist protest site IndyBay says: "Oh please do!"

Update: Coulter has rejected the rescheduling, and still insists she wants to come on April 27. Also, there's now a lawyer involved.

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