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Missionites, get ready to say bonjour to Laundré, a laundromat/coffee shop bound for 20th and Mission Streets this summer. Enchanté!

Hoodline had news of the "upscale" spot that's drawing comparisons to similar, existing operations like Brainwash in SoMa and Sit & Spin in the Castro. In fact, as photographer Steve Rhodes recalled on Twitter, when Brainwash's owner Susan Schindler was opening her operation in the late '80s, Laundré was a working name before she landed on Brainwash.

"I phoned a few friends and they were unanimous in their preference for BrainWash over Café Laundré," Schindler writes on her website. Great brains think alike.

Laundré's owner, Ariana Roviello found the space, the former T-Mobile beneath the startup-co-living space 20Mission. Those folks need to do their laundry somewhere, right? And in addition to high quality java from Sightglass, Laundré promises state-of-the-art fast and earth-friendly washes on their Electrolux 450 G Force washers and EcoPower driers.

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There's also good news for those who would prefer to enjoy a beer while their clothing spins around next door: Doc's Clock is moving into the space next door.

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