The Ninth Annual Goat Festival is just wrapping up down at the Ferry Building, and all the hashtag #Goatchella pics and videos of adorable baby goats are streaming in.

You had to pre-register and pay $5 to get into the actual baby goat petting area, and boy howdy, they are pretty cute.

Also, the folks at CUESA who put on this annual event (as well as the Saturday farmers' market) have fully embraced the nickname Goatchella, and now use it on their signage.

Me lookin derpy w some derpy goats at #goatchella

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Nosh time at #goatchella! 🐐❀️🌱

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Who is she? #goatchella

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Totes-me-Goats #goatchella

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#Goatchella #Chugging #Corona #Goat #Milk #SanFrancisco #Cray

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Who needs Coachella when you have #Goatchella??

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