This is no ordinary whale watch in the Monterey area. Instead, it's what could be a life or death rescue mission. A gray whale last sighted off Piedras Blancas on Wednesday and expected to arrive in Big Sur as soon as yesterday afternoon is entangled in a metal frame. Monterey Bay Marine Life Studies has put out the distress signal, seeking citizens who can be on the lookout — preferably with binoculars or long-range cameras.

The Whale Entanglement Team is still seeking volunteers in Monterey & Santa Cruz searching from shore. "If you live along coast from Davenport to Half Moon Bay to Pacifica and north please help look for this entangled whale," they write — and "If you have a long lens camera if you could take photo or video would be awesome." The whale could be with one or two other gray whales, as it was originally seen. They encourage you to call 877-SOS-WHALE if you spot the whale.

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