The sushi chef and owner at Taraval Okazu Ya (1735 Taraval Street near 28th Avenue) in the Outer Sunset did not care back in 2016 if he alienated some customers by declaring his support for Donald Trump. Writing "Make America Great Again" and other messages on the top of his white-board menu, the chef-owner says he was trying to express his hope that Hillary Clinton would not continue the status quo of what he considered to be an out-of-control government. But now, as Hoodline tells us, he's backed off that, realizing that he disagrees with President Trump's stance on immigration, for one, and it seems like he wants those alienated customers to know this and stop giving him bad Yelp reviews.

Hoodline declines to identify him by name, strangely, but now the chef-owner, who's a Chinese-Japanese immigrant himself and became a US citizen 37 years ago, tells the site that Trump is an "unpredictable person, because he doesn’t know what he wants," and "He’s so stupid. He’s scary."

He says of most immigrants, "They are good people. Why do we send them away? They contribute a lot to this country. Donald Trump is harming people."

He says he "definitely" would not vote for Trump again, and he expects that Trump's tax reform plan will fail the same way his health care plan did.

As for the white board menu, it now says more neutral things at the top, like on Saturday it just said "April Fool's Day" on it.