Next week is Pesach, i.e. Passover on the Jewish calendar, and even secular Jews who haven't set foot in a temple in decades still like this sacred holiday tradition, and the communal meal that marks the season. There are Passover Seders each night after dusk for seven nights, this year beginning on April 10, and Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen is celebrating with special Seder feasts at their 24th Street deli.

If you're interested, the deal is this: $95 per person including tax and gratuity with optional additional wine pairings from Scribe Winery, and all the classic seder elements including house-made gefilte fish, charoset, matzo ball soup, and the "bitter herb," in this case a chrain bitter green salad. The main course: brisket with potato kugel.

The first night's Seder, April 10, is already sold out, but there are still some seats available for April 11 and 12, with the dinners starting at 7 p.m. Find tickets here.

As Wise Sons' Evan Bloom writes, "A big part of the Wise Sons’ origin story is when Leo [Beckerman] and I began hosting Seder dinners during Passover — it’s a holiday and a concept that’s a strong part of our foundation. We have always said that the core of the Wise Sons mission is to build and support community through Jewish soul food — and that’s so much of what Passover is about. No matter who you are, once you sit down at a Passover table, you’re no longer a stranger. It’s a holiday that helps us remember and build our community. Jews were refugees, we walked the desert for 40 years, and during Passover we tell that story — we dip the parsley in salt water, we taste the bitter herb in reverence and respect for those enslaved, and because in remembering we hope to prevent history repeating itself. Something that is especially important now."

Traditional Seder Plate Menu:

Charoset (sweet, dark-colored paste made of fruits and nuts eaten)

Chopped Liver, & Matzo
House Made Gefilte Fish with Chrain Bitter Green Salad

Matzo Ball Soup

Red Wine Braised Brisket with Potato Kugel

Tzimmis Chocolate
Matzo & Coconut Macaroons
Coffee & Tea

(Vegetarian options Available with Prior Notification)

No refunds available.