Back in November we heard that a couple of pinball-loving entrepreneurs were hoping to open a pinball parlor/lounge in a former hair salon at 1000 Cortland in Bernal Heights, but that plan is no more, as Bernalwood has it. The proprietors of the planned Skillshot Pinball and Bar sent out a note to supporters saying they're calling it quits on the retail space that was formerly home to Cutting Edge salon, because in addition to pushback from tenants upstairs, various improvements required to bring the place up to code, including replacing some egress doors, were going to get very expensive.

Also, they have plans to serve food in addition to beer and wine, and they're now in the market for a space in the 'hood with an actual kitchen.

The owners, whose names are Christian and Elizabeth, hint that they're already in negotiations to possibly buy out an existing restaurant business, but they're not revealing which one just yet.

In any event, it's a familiar, tried-and-true story for a new neighborhood business, and we wish them well.