Fulfilling a childhood dream he had last year, a young entrepreneur has successfully opened Gosu, an "EDM Themed Tea Bar with Asian American Snack and Dessert Fusion Specialties." Just in case my mom is reading this: EDM is the electronic dance music they play at raves, which I don't go to, and I'll call you later.

When we first heard of Gosu's ambitions in December, we have to admit to a degree of skepticism. Was this for real? Apparently so. Located in the Inner Richmond in the former Wu's Healing Center at 1014 Clement Street (between 11th and 12th Avenues), Gosu quietly opened its doors last Friday and will celebrate a full launch in early May according to Hoodline.

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Gosu is the brainchild of Joey Tran, who at the tender age of 22 is a little young to have brainchildren. "I started crafting my own boba drinks almost two years ago," Tran told Eater. "Back before the first boba place opened — not Quickly, that’s basic — I was there and I loved it.”

In addition to bubble tea and snacks like fruit sushi, mini octopus corndogs, and pepperoni pizza fries, Gosu will be a home for Tran's other passions: the music — and community — of raves. Tran says to expect DJs playing music until 2 a.m. on weekends, which his Clement Street neighbors are sure to love. He also espouses the "PLUR" philosophy of rave culture: That's Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. “We unite as humans, not as ravers,” Tran tells Hoodline. At Gosu, there's even a wall dedicated to the bead bracelets, or kandi, that announce one's PLUR bona fides.

To pursue his business, Tran tells Hoodline he dropped out of college two and a half years ago. That was difficult. “Being Asian, it was hard to tell my parents I didn’t want to go to school anymore,” Tran tells Hoodline, “[But they were] surprisingly understanding.”

As a young person himself, Tran knows well the rapidly changing nature of young peoples' tastes. "Boba can be popular now, but in a couple years be gone," he told Eater. "So every year my items will change because people get bored of things.” Even though he's just launched his first menu, Tran is ready for something new “We already have a menu set for next year,” he says. “People have no idea what’s coming.” Surely no one does.

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