The flower crown, a go-to accessory for Coachella fashionistas, has its share of critics. Flower crowns are basic, they've been done, but hey, at least they're not Native American headdresses.

Now there's good news for those looking to upgrade their hippie-inspired garment game: A marijuana-laden flower crown, introduced just in time for the Southern California music festival next month. The crowns are available at Palm Springs Safe Access dispensary just 15 minutes from the festival gates in a limited quantity that's for sure going to sell out.

The crowns come from Lowell Farms, a grower who've taken an organic, Whole Foods hipness approach to marijuana cultivation and branding. The garlands of the crown feature their "Coachella Blend" of cannabis, which is also sold separately, and includes a mixture of aptly named weed strains including "Dog Walker," "Single White Girl," and "Chocolate Hashberry."

A limited number of medical marijuana "patients" who are the first to pick up their pre-orders of the blend will receive the crowns with their order, each of which contains a quarter ounce of smokeable cannabis, or a $60 value according to Lowell Farms. And even without a large number of crowns available, the trend could definitely catch on, with enterprising Coachella attendees fashioning their own pot-festooned crowns next month.

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Not to be a buzzkill, but there's a big potential problem with marketing marijuana products like a "Coachella Blend." The festival has been resistant to use of its brand, even litigiously so. Coachella, sued Urban Outfitters — seemingly a natural ally — for invoking the festival's name in items like a lacy, cream-colored tunic. You know, the kind of top that would go pretty well with a cannabis flower crown.

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