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California chef celebs Daniel Patterson and Roy Choi are adding a new direction to their nascent fast-food chain Locol with Locol Bakery, whose $1 bunzz and cups of coffee will be available this Friday, March 31 in West Oakland.

Eater had news that the team was taking over the former Tomm's Bar-B-Q & Deli space at 3446 Market Street to offer pizza, pie, and already popular Locol drink items like "green juice" and agua fresca.

In the food world this spring, Locol has been on the tips of tongues, but the talk hasn't all been flattering. New York Times critic Pete Wells gave a damning review of the existing Oakland Locol location. Other critics like the LA Times writer Jonathan Gold took issue with that move: Was the heavyweight punching down at a noble concept?

Regardless, Locol's Choi and Patterson appear to have taken the criticism seriously and somewhat in stride. They recently revamped their menu of reasonably-priced cheeseburgers, shakes, "foldies" (which are like quesadillas), and more.

Locol's first franchise opened in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles in early 2016, and the next was on Broadway in Oakland. The bakery marks their third brick-and-mortor Locol — the team still plans to open a Tenderloin location, we're told, and also operates a food truck. According to Berkeleyside, other bakery food items from Locol will be egg and cheese bunzz ($4), chili ($3 and $7), and garden salads ($3 and $7).

Locol Bakery — 3446 Market Street, Oakland, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. starting Friday, March 31, with opening Day hours 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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