We learned last week of the crass move by Dick Wolf's production enterprise to base an episode of NBC's Chicago Fire on the barely three-month-old tragedy at Oakland's Ghost Ship warehouse. The ripped-from-the-headlines stunt may be par for the course for the team that pumps out similar tripe on Law & Order year after year, and gets hard up for inspiration for obvious reasons. But given the scope of the tragedy and how recently it occurred, can we all agree that that this is too soon? Well, it looks like the scope of the tragedy has actually inspired not one but THREE of the network's series' episodes tomorrow, which will all be interconnected. As the Chronicle has it, the Chicago Fire episode will lead into a Chicago P.D. episode that also centers on treating victims from the fire at Chicago Med — one of whom turns out to be the child of Detective Alvin Olinsky (Elias Koteas), which seems to be inspired by the real-life death of an Alameda County Sheriff's deputy's son in the Oakland blaze. Then, at 10 p.m. Wednesday, NBC premieres their latest show in the Chicago-based franchise, Chicago Justice, in which lickety split the case of the fire is brought to trial.

Unlike the real-life blaze, the fictionalized version sets the fire in a factory, although it does occur during an illegal rave and an earlier extras casting call referred to it as "Ghost Ship." And unlike the real life fire, the television version determines that the cause is arson.

The cynical among you can say "Whatever, this happens all the time with TV," but as Chronicle TV critic David Wiegand puts it, "it’s not about being sensitive, is it? It’s about pouncing on newsmaking stories and taking advantage of real-life victims, survivors and their families to make a buck."

It's all just a lot of ugh.

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