Let no one call Steph Curry a selfish player: The warriors MVP took a momentary timeout — from his own team's timeout huddle in the midst of a game against the Brooklyn Nets — to help a fan win some extra cash. Think of it as an assist.

SB Nation explains the bit of sideshow entertainment at Saturday's game: A woman from the stands was invited to play a life-size skee-ball carnival contest, rolling a ball up a ramp to land it in a basket and win cash prizes. She'd had no luck until Curry — his head covered in a towel — butted into the game and intercepted a ball to make sure it went into the $2,500 bucket. That's teamwork. The score was doubled for the golden ball that went in, and the alley-oop assist was honored as valid.

The moment defined "the lighthearted feel of Golden State’s 112-95 victory over the Nets," the Chronicle surmises. Even without Kevin Durant, who was out with a minor injury, Curry's 27 points, Klay Thompson's 24, and the team's overall efforts bested Brooklyn despite that team's "inspired" performance.

The win sealed the team's playoff spot, their 5th such season in a row.

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