Over two dozen horses were left stranded in paddocks in San Jose after rising floodwaters forced the evacuation of tens of thousands of people there earlier this week, without their pets and animals. KRON 4 has helicopter footage from Tuesday of the horses, shown above, wading in a foot or a foot and a half of contaminated floodwater.

NBC Bay Area reported Thursday that rescue efforts for the animals were still underway. Volunteers were reportedly helping the owner of the horses to bring them food and fresh water.

ABC 7 has later footage, shot Wednesday, showing comparatively lower water but the horses still standing around in the muck unattended.

ABC 7 also reports on the overall pet shelter crisis in San Jose, with about 40 animals a day getting dropped off, likely either lost or abandoned. The shelter is currently undergoing some construction and is down 36 shelter spots, but they've continued to take in pets for boarding as well as some homeowners need to time to clean up and get back on their feet — also, evacuees were reportedly not allowed to bring their pets into designated shelters during this week's flooding.