Like the hours after 5 p.m., it feels like it is always Fashion Week somewhere. And this week, that somewhere was London, where designer Ashish Gupta made a runway plea for "More glitter, less Twitter," a reference, Footwear News writes, to "President Donald Trump’s affinity for using the social media platform."

As we of course know, most members of the population don't need a sparkly shirt to push them out of the nest: Twitter's last earnings report revealed yet another quarter of infinitesimal growth, even as CEO Jack Dorsey said that Trump's 140-character prolificacy means "The whole world is watching Twitter. While we may not be currently meeting everyone’s growth expectations, there is one thing that continues to grow and outpace our peers: Twitter’s influence and impact."

Would a designer showing clothing with an anti-Twitter message count as "impact"? Well, you know what they say — all press is good press, but never, ever try to press any clothing that's covered in sequins and glitter.

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