This weekend is going to see another, likely smaller scale protest battle over abortion rights reminiscent of Women's March day — when the annual anti-abortion march up Market Street coincided with the more liberal-heavy, anti-Trump event, though there were no reports of fistfights or screaming matches.

On Saturday, as the Examiner reports, a group supporting the congressional effort to de-fund Planned Parenthood will arrive, likely from far away from San Francisco, to rally outside the Planned Parenthood location at 1650 Valencia Street. This is one of 244 planned rallies nationwide to oppose women's right to choose as well as opposing women's reproductive healthcare and all the other free services Planned Parenthood provides.

Meanwhile, a counter protest is planned to show solidarity with Planned Parenthood, organized by the International Socialist Organization of Northern California, and over a thousand people have expressed interest on Facebook, with 270 saying they're going as of now.

Say the organizers, "Join us in taking back the conversation around Planned Parenthood. The majority of the country does not believe it should be defunded, but we need to make sure that our voices are heard."

The anti-choice group is expected to gather at noon, while the pro-choice protesters are being asked to show up at 11 a.m., you know, so they're there to greet them.