Food-focused Noe Valley bookshop Omnivore Books is encouraging cooks in the neighborhood to learn about several of the seven countries that are included in Trump's executive order barring all travel and immigration for at least 90 days via a window display they tweeted out over the weekend. In response to the positive outpouring on Twitter reacting to the photo, store owner Celia Sack said, "Doing my part, as small as that may be," and "Don't know what else to do — [I] just feel so helpless!"

Grub Street spoke to Sack about her book choices, which include The New Persian Kitchen by Louisa Shafia, The Iraqi Family Cookbook by Kay Karim, and The Aleppo Cookbook: Celebrating the Legendary Cuisine of Syria by Marlene Matar.

Of the latter she writes it's "A comprehensive collection of recipes, but particularly striking are the simple portraits capturing daily life in Aleppo. A shopkeeper stealing a nap behind tubs of lentils and nuts, three kids hamming it up for the camera in front of an ancient door, a busy market hall teeming with people within a beautiful old building. I flip through the pages and wonder if that market hall still stands, where those three kids are now."

She also highlights several books about the cuisines of North Africa, including one, Classic Vegetarian Cooking from the Middle East & North Africa by Habeeb Salloum, about which she says "sadly not enough people pick this one up because it has no pictures," and that's "their loss" because "this book relies on skillful combinations of herbs and spices creating super flavorful vegetarian dishes."